Endless Roaming 2019 – Thanks for Following

Yosemite USA

So time to say goodbye to 2019, it’s been a fantastic year of travel and many firsts.

The first is creating this blog and I appreciate everyone who has supported me, followers and friends. I’ve enjoyed sharing these experiences through both writing blogs and sharing photographs. I only wish that Id started blogging much earlier in my travels, however over time I hope to write about these past experiences which I’m currently sharing through photos. I have also found a love for photography and have enjoyed taking snapshots of some amazing places and hopefully both my writing and photography skills have improved.

It’s been an amazing 8 months on the road starting in Malaysia and the island of Borneo, then to Thailand, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Italy, the UK, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Ireland and last a road trip through the USA. I have experienced amazing cultural whether it’s city architecture, food, driving, landscapes, music and of course conversations over a few (or many) beers. I can honestly say I can’t pick a favourite place as it’s all been so much fun.

Bristol UK

Well, it’s now onto 2020 where hopefully I can get my head down, work and save for another adventure. My country count is now roughly 80 starting back in 1999 and my first overseas visit to Japan, I may head back there this year. I hope to also publish a book about 2019’s “Endless Roaming” out later next year, another first. Ill indicate when this will be available.

Again thanks for following, it’s much appreciated, questions, feedback and any blogging suggestions are always appreciated. I hope you enjoyed 2019 as much as I have and that you plan your own Roam in 2020 and beyond,

Dingle Ireland

Happy Travels and Happy New Year


15 thoughts on “Endless Roaming 2019 – Thanks for Following

    1. Nice one I’ve been blogging for the past year, playing catch up with 2019 travels still. Loved visiting Ireland, it had been 20 years since my last visit and now I want to head back more often.

      The blogging is well addictive, good luck 🙂

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