On The Road Again in 2019

So I started @endlessroaming.com site a month ago and appreciate the positive response received so far regarding my trip across the USA. I have decided to sell up and head out again in 2019 to practice what I preach, more roaming and write about some new experiences as well as publishing my recent adventures so the blog will jump around for a while. I have been to 70 countries or approximately 500 cities and will see and write about more.

My recent adventures have been well planned out with meticulous detail due to career and time constraints back home in Sydney. This time however I have none of these limitations, Ill be flying out mid-February 2019 to Borneo and beyond. I’m really looking forward to an unplanned adventure, possibly endless and will see how I go.

Life is about being happy and following your passion, mine is travel, meeting new people, laughter, pushing the comfort zone and writing about it. I also hope with the practice that my grammar, language skills and photography will improve…. one can dream. Hope to see / meet you soon wherever you are.

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