The Journey Begins

Hi, Im Dave and this is a collection of stories and experiences I have had whilst “roaming” our planet. I have been in the habit of blogging on my Facebook page about these experiences over the years and have decided to set up this site to share those experiences through word and photography

I have been to 70 or so countries (and counting), this includes roaming around Australia, three road trips across the USA, most of Europe, Central and South America, some of Asia and a little part of Africa. I intend to keep on roaming into the future and see as many places as possible, experience local culture and do some blogging along the way

I am hoping to turn blogging into a full time gig (if that is possible, I dont know). So I have quit my job, am selling up and am heading overseas shortly, in the meantime I am publishing content of my road trips across the USA, I will then write about the rest of the world and share new and old experiences. I hope you like my blog, if you want to discuss, contribute, share, more than welcome as talking travel is just as good as the journey itself.


11 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

      1. good for you Dave, sounds like you are really living the lifestyle you chose!
        I travelled extensively when I was younger on a show string budget but am now keen to settle in my off grid tiny home 🙂


  1. Oh, my comment “disappeared” I think … just in case -your scene at Nashville made me think of Las Vegas – but maybe different kinds of people – music lovers?
    Glad you decided on a blog at WordPress. Wonder if Facebook may faze out like Myspace did. Many here at wordpress love travelling – maybe not as extensive as you do, but every or every 2 years:) Have a happy New Year!


    1. Hey its kind of a mini Las Vegas in some ways, more like Fremont street with all the old neon lights on display. Nashville is a lot more friendly also no preoccupation with gambling, definitely a big tourist destination. I think there is always a place for Facebook unless something more user friendly comes, if I could figure what the next big thing is I could travel forever. Happy new year


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