Roaming the USA and Canada – An Introduction

Fisher Building – Detroit Michigan

As detailed in my introduction I have spent some time roaming across the USA by car and to a lesser extent Canada. This involves three cross country road trips which I will share.t. I will also provide some photos, I  am not a photographer by any means but over the years I believe my photos have improved as well as the quality of the images. The reason I have started this in the USA is a lot of my Aussie friends have spent a holiday in New York or Los Angeles, but very few consider a road trip instead preferring Europe, Canada or Asia. While these are worthy destinations my intention is to influence more people to take road trips across fascinating country full of friendly people, epic national parks and some very quirky cities.

In 2012 I travelled for approximately 7-weeks through Canada and the United States, this involved a few flights in and out of the USA and Canada before picking up a car in Washington DC and heading down the Blue Ridge Parkway to Tennessee, Lousiana, up through Texas into Colorado Wyoming, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and then home.

 2014 was around 5 weeks and this time starting off in Vancouver and then headed down the West Coast though Washington State, Oregon, California and then to Nevada. This then involved a flight to New York, Austin Texas, then Nashville Tennessee and picking up another rental car and heading through Georgia to the coast and then down the East Coast to Florida before flying back to Las Vegas and home.

The third trip was quite recently, in 2017 I flew from Portland Oregon into Detroit and then drove down through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and then back home. This was a much shorter trip but no less fun.

The reason I have started with the USA is I have spent quite some time there, I find Americans to be very friendly, culturally similar to Aussies in many ways whether its enjoying sport, exploring nature or drinking a beer. I hope you enjoy the blog.

St Louis Cathedral – New Orleans Louisiana

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